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Dealing with Ruby time

I saw this code the other day: – tempDate = “#{my_object_date.to_date}” – displayDate = tempDate[5,2] – displayDate += “/” – displayDate += tempDate[8,2] – displayDate += “/” – displayDate += tempDate[0,4] = displayDate The result of this code is MM/DD/YY. What the hell?  I am pretty sure that just about every computer language out there […]

Why is ruby on rails Ubuntu server setup so damned hard to do?

Well, I was messing with server setup for Ruby on Rails again.  I had created a script to walk thru the steps but it still seems to be a combination of try this, get an error, google the error, apply the fix, and try it again.  If it works go to next step, and if […]

Plans for 2013

Well another year has gone by.  Time now for all of our plans that we sillily (I guess that is a rela word) call resolutions!! Last year was big for me.  First I was made partner with RebelHold, and then created my own Rebel Outpost, LLC.  I had two successful interns which are still working […]

Another year gone by…

Wow, it is so hard to believe that I have been living the life of a freelance Rails developer for the entire year of 2012.  What a year it has been. I have learned so much this year and expect to learn more next year.  I know that it is early for new years resolutions […]

Testing with Rails Select2

Lately we have been incorporating select2-rails into our applications.  I cannot say enough how much I love this tool and its ease of use. That being said, we had had issues with testing and select2-rails.  So Steve Tong of Rebel-Outpost spent some time and found a small script to use for testing it. The only issue […]

Giving back to the community

I pondered the title of this post for a few minutes today.  I almost went with “What have you done for me lately?” but decided not to. The point of this post is giving back to the community that has given us so much.  In my early days learning Ruby on Rails I got so […]

Rails, stuck on the tracks

I have put much thought into this post, now that is not to say that the other posts were created without any thought. I am what I consider to be as a self taught programmer.  A couple of years ago I decided to learn Python as I was working with ArcGIS on a regular basis […]