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Rebel Outpost

Since we fired up the Rebel Outpost member of RebelHold, we have added a website for it.  In putting together the website, we had to think about what we want and who we are to put that up on our site.  It was interesting for us to sit back and discuss this.  I fell that […]

The Progression of RebelHold

So it has been in the plans since it’s inception, that Rebelhold would eventually morph into multiple “outposts” or “locations”.  In the last couple of weeks, this has begun to transpire.  I was excited to recently create the “Rebel Outpost” group.  Additionally, Michael, after moving back to Michigan, created the “Deep Woods Brigade.”  Fletcher is […]

RebelHold growing the community

Things are really going great for RebelHold these days.  We are now the largest Ruby on Rails development shop in Arizona that is still taking on new projects.  It is because of this that we have been able to help community members to grow as developers.  I was asked a while back what it is […]

Life as a Rails developer

So Holy Shit, I am coming up on my 7 month anniversary as a full time Ruby on Rails developer.  I guess the old adage that time flies when you are having fun.  So true indeed. I figured that it has been a while since I posted and that I need to get with it […]

Ruby and Rails 101 Course

For quite some time I have wanted to put together a Ruby and Rails 101 course for the community at no charge for attendees.  I recently posted a message on the Ruby::AZ google group to see what interest was there.  Although it seems that there is a greater need for intermediate classes, I still believe that […]

Why RebelHold kicks Ass!

Well, I have been a bit busy lately and it seems like I have a thousand things that I want to work on.  If I can only find the energy and the time to do so….. So, this is about why Rebelhold totally kicks ass!  A couple of weeks ago I was made partner!!  How […]

RebelHold Web Development Collective

Since the beginning of the year, I have been made an employee of RebelHold, LLC.  It is because of RH, that I am even working as a Ruby on Rails developer.  Prior to last fall all I ever did in RoR was tutorials, tutorials, and more tutorials.  I advertised that I would work for free […]