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Rails CRM

An ongoing pet project of mine has been Rails CRM which is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) built on Rails and using Mongodb for the database.  This was also a practice project for my last intern Ricky.  This all came about when we were trying to find an open-sourced CRM for RebelHold to use.  There […]

Rebel Outpost

Since we fired up the Rebel Outpost member of RebelHold, we have added a website for it.  In putting together the website, we had to think about what we want and who we are to put that up on our site.  It was interesting for us to sit back and discuss this.  I fell that […]

RebelHold Web Development Collective

Since the beginning of the year, I have been made an employee of RebelHold, LLC.  It is because of RH, that I am even working as a Ruby on Rails developer.  Prior to last fall all I ever did in RoR was tutorials, tutorials, and more tutorials.  I advertised that I would work for free […]