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What’s new

Wow, I have really been too busy to find time to post anything lately.  Lots going on the last couple of weeks. We just started a new project that it totally cutting edge and I am so excited to be a part of it.  Intern #2 Steve Tong, is now fulltime on the new project […]

Desert Code Camp – Chandler AZ

What an amazing world we live in today.  I just went to my first Desert Code Camp ( http://desertcodecamp.com/ ) and it was fantastic!  It is great that there is so much tech going on.  There was such a wide variety of classes that were put on.  I was so impressed with the whole event.  From […]

Python and then some….

Wow, I am just past 6 months of my blog being up.  I have has a lot more hits than I ever expected to.  I know that the blog started out “Everything Python” and then transitioned as I decided to add new topics. Well, guess what, I think I am going to be adding more […]