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wxPython versus ArcToolbox tool

It started out to be simple stuff that I wanted to accomplish with Python and geoprocessing.  A lot of the tools that I created or wanted to create were quite easy to do in ArcToolbox but I soon found that I wanted to have more flexibility and more input options.  The ArcToolbox tools work great but they […]

Good Geoprocessing practices

Something that I learned as good practice is working with copies of my shapefiles and not the originals.  When doing this you do create several temporary tables and/or shapefiles and these need to be cleaned up. This creates copies of the input shapefiles which I then use for processing.  Because there are these temp files, […]

Merging shapefiles

Another process that I though would be quite simple was merging 2 shapefiles.  It seems there is an issue with the shapefile names not being recognized and I had to use “str” to identify the names as strings. When I tried to just use the names of the shapefile copies I could not get this to […]

Joining a table to a feature class

I have had the need to join tables to a shapefile or feature class many times and after not finding anything on the web, I posted on the ESRI forum and got my solution. The difference with joining a table is that it is a one way join.  That is, you can copy from the […]