Route Optimization

The “Wrong” of Route Optimization

Alright, I cannot help myself.  There has been so much news lately centered around the optimization of buses in Ottawa Canada (  It appears that the City initially intended to cut out several routes in an attempt to as they say “optimize routes” in order to save an estimated $22 million next year.  The City held 3 […]

Solid Waste Routing White Paper

I just added my “final” white paper on Solid Waste Routing to my “downloads” section on the right side column.  Feel free to download it and use it as you desire.  I would, however, appreciate referencing me if you do publish the paper. Hope that this helps somebody out there…. BR

Solid Waste Routing – Improving Efficiency in Solid Waste Collection Part 4

Right Turns A common concept in solid waste collection is to minimize left turns and maximize right turns. Interestingly, these days it is done more for safety than efficiency — eliminating or minimizing the dangerous left hand turns results in fewer instances the solid waste collection vehicle will have to turn in front of traffic. […]

Solid Waste Routing – Improving Efficiency in Solid Waste Collection Part 3

Heuristic Routing The U.S. Environment Protection Agency in 1974 released a publication (SW-113) entitled Heuristic Routing for Solid Waste Collection Vehicles. For many years, this was the definitive how-to manual for solid waste routing. The majority of the rules still apply today. Heuristic routing defined macro-routing and micro-routing. Macro-routing “determines the assignment of daily collection […]

Solid Waste Routing – Improving Efficiency in Solid Waste Collection Part 2

Analyzing Current Operations It is safe to assume that if you are reading this then you already believe you have room for improvement in your collection operations. There are a couple of ways that can test the efficiency of solid waste routes. For a troublesome route, try putting one of your better drivers on that […]

Solid Waste Routing – Improving Efficiency in Solid Waste Collection Part 1

Here is the first excerpt of my paper on Solid Waste Routing.  I will have several parts to this… In today’s struggling economy we are all forced to look at ways to reduce expenses. This applies to Private and Public operations equally. For the Private operation, it is all about making a profit and not […]

Solid Waste Routing tip of the week

UPDATE Today was Part 2 of Solid Waste Routing Tip of the Week. I will soon be posting a solid waste routing tip of the week.  These will be ideas or strategies for improving efficiency in solid waste collection.  I will also be offering my new paper “Solid Waste Routing” as a download. Feel free […]