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Web development company, Take 2

A couple of months ago the startup that I was working for closed up shop.  A few weeks later the salesman, another developer and I decided to start our own web development shop in Phoenix.  Skorpion Software, LLC was born.

Seeing as we have great experience working at a startup, we can transition that knowledge to helping other startups get to market with their minimum viable product (MVP) quickly and as inexpensively as possible.  Ruby on Rails is the perfect programming language to quickly create a fully working ‘prototype’ as an MVC.  The startup can go to market and then add on the ‘bells and whistles’ gradually as they have the money to do so.

We have also been doing some WordPress sites which are great for what they are made for.  Once you get to where you need more than WordPress can handle you need to step up to a full blown web application and Rails is perfect for that.

Although we can develop native apps like iOS and Android, I think that if you design a web app in the correct manner and develop it as mobile first, you might not have the need for additional native apps.  With some planning and skill, the mobile version of a web app looks, feels and works great.

So wish the 3 of us luck as we turn the page to a new chapter and venture down a new path 🙂

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