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Ruby on Rails for Beginners

Super deep RoR for Beginners

Ashish Patil's Blog

If you’re like me, you’re reading this on your bright-red custom-built laptop in a soothing rosemary-scented bubble bath, and you’re wondering, “Why do I want another interpreted programming language? I can find my way around Perl and PHP and maybe a little Python. And Unix shell scripting. I feel fine. Why do people keep talking about Ruby?”


  1. Why Ruby is Cool
  2. Why Rails Is Cool
  3. Installing Ruby and Rails
  4. Using It
    1. Step one:Set up the database
    2. Step two:Create the scaffolding
    3. Steps three and beyond:Customize the application

Why Ruby is Cool

Like so many of the very coolest things, Ruby was invented in Japan in the ’90s. Ruby is purely object-oriented; even things like integers and strings have intrinsic methods and properties. So, for example, print "Webmonkey".reverse outputs “yeknombeW”. It’s a clean, pretty language, with a flexible, predictable syntax that’s easy to read and write, and comfortable for people…

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