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How to Set Up Flash Hashes and Error Messages in Rails

So simple but so many do not use this. We have a legacy app that has NO error messages. Try to login with wrong email, it just does not work but no message to tell you why. Seems like this should be a standard thing.

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1. Setting a notice

Setting a flash notice is as easy as assigning it to the flash object

flash[:notice] = "The subject was created successfully"

Where should you put it?

A good place to put it is in the controller after the object successfully saves or is destroyed. For example:

def create
  @subject = Subject.new(subject_params)

  if @subject.save
    flash[:notice] = "Subject '#{@subject.name}' created Successfully"
    redirect_to root_path


2. Displaying the notice

If using Bootstrap and HAML, you can put this in the view where the user gets redirected to

-if !flash[:notice].blank?

If you’re not using Bootstrap or HAML, try this:

<% if !flash[:notice].blank? %>
<% end %>


1. Write your validations

For there to be errors, you need validations. If you haven’t built validations, I suggest you do this now.

2. Generate a partial for displaying your…

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