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From Capistrano 2.x to 3.x

I have been putting off on upgrading Capy. There were a lot of changes between 2 and 3. I will have to try this out (if I get brave enough!!)

Silicon 9 East

This guide describes upgrading from capistrano version 2.x to 3.x. In our company we use capistrano to deploy rails 3 & 4 applications on test- and production-server. Our servers run with apache and passenger gems apache module.

Why Upgrading To Capistrano 3.x

Well it is some work and you need to change a lot, this is true. The following reasons nevertheless convinced me to dive into this adventure:

  • Cap 3 has out of the box multistage support
  • As far as I know cap 2 support has ended. Last cap 2 gem update was 4. July 2013. The documentation of cap 2 (see) is referred to as “legacy” documentation.
  • Cap 3 has a cleaner, more intuitive config file content structure and uses a news simpler DSL.

Let’s Upgrade!

Now that I have your attention and hopefully have convinced you that upgrading to cap 3 is totally worth your time and effort…

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