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Amazon SES + Ruby on Rails

I really could have used this info a couple of months back when I starting working with the Amazon SES for the first time. Thanks for the post 😉


If you are then one who sends thousands of emails in a day like newsletters, ads etc Amazon provides Simple Email Service. Its not free still cost is cheap and manageable.

Here is how to setup SES and integrate with your Rails application. Here I am assuming that you have some email address from gmail or any other providers.

  1. Sign up for Amazon ( http://aws.amazon.com.)
  2. Configure Amazon SES.
  3. Initialize TLS for SMTP in your Rails app.
  4. Configure your mailer.
  5. Send email.

Step 1 Sign Up Now:

Step 2: Configure Amazon SES.

  • Open Amazon Web Services Management Console and select SES
  • From left panel click on Create SMTP Credential. It will take you to another page. Follow instructions given there and create a credential and save it for future.
  • After creating credentials go to Email Addresses > Verify New Email Address > Enter your email > Verify Email Address.  If you are…

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