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A framework is also a collection of Best Practices

Nice view from the “other side”

Ruby on Rails Blog

Yestarday there was issue in office. Though I had checked in my code, I had forgotten to back up database and push it to the main branch. Well…

Now you know the value of migrations. I am in PHP project. I don’t really remember why we choose PHP instead of Rails. I think we thought we won’t find enough Rails people in Chennai.The result, some best practices used by frameworks are lost and mistakes like this occur.

The more and more I am using PHP, the more and more I appreciate Ruby on Rails. The Rails people have thought it well over, possibly they have faced too many difficulties while doing a project.

Of course there are many things I love about Rails like migrations and blah blah. Hmmmm lets see, now I am missing it very much.

Rails has now become Rolls Royce of web development. There is solution…

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