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WebSocket over Nginx

Great write up for Websockets and Nginx (and you should be using Nginx!!)

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How often do you find that the awesome movie seats you have painstakingly chosen for yourself, is suddenly not available when you proceed to pay for it. “Damn it! Just missed!” you say. Wouldn’t it be  great to be guaranteed the seat you selected everytime!

The problem with the above scenario (as is  with most e-commerce portals) is that, if two users almost simultaneously  select same seat and checkout to book, the seat will be booked with the user who has clicked first. The other user will be redirected to same page with message the Seat has already been booked. We all have used Indian Railway Website and this problem really gets me frustrated.So I wanted to build system in which the seat I select always gets booked.

To avoid this problem, I came up with two solutions

Auto Refresh every 2 seconds (like cricket scores on cricinfo.com)

  • This would…

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