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Implementing Rails APIs like a professional

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Today, a web-portal that does not support APIs is not even considered a web portal! This post explains how we can implement Rails APIs in our application. Rails APIs require the following minimum implementation:

  • API keys.
  • API Versioning.
  • API Request Authentication.
  • Request throttling (optional).

Let’s see how this can be done.

API key generation

Lets generate the model.

or if the model already exists,

Now lets edit this model and add the logic to generate the API key when a record is created using the method generate_api_key.

In this code we use SecureRandom.base64.tr('+/=', 'Qat') to generate a token. Since, it may contain the special characters like +/=, we shall replace them with some random alphabets using tr, so that the API key looks good. Now lets add the before_create callback.

API controller and routes versioning

Now, lets generate the controller called Api in the api namespace. This…

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