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Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails Applications for your Business

Nice write up even if it is self serving advertisement. I was not aware that Hulu is on Rails.

Offshore Ruby on Rails

ImageRuby on Rails, also known as Rails is an Open source Web application framework that uses Ruby programming language which allows creating and developing pages with higher efficiency, more flexibility, moreover less time consuming.

Ruby on Rails has become one of the most popular and emerging programming language used for Web Application Development.

There are plethora of other programming languages available that can be used for creating web applications and CMS (Content Management System) like PHP, JAVA, ASP, Python, Perl, etc.

But Ruby on Rails stands out when it comes to Flexibility, Time, Cost, Security and Agility

Well, here are some of the considerable reasons why to choose Ruby on Rails over other Web Application Frameworks

Development Speed

Ruby on Rails allows features to be developed quickly by freeing programmers from repetitive coding. It emphasizes convention over configuration since it adopts agile development concepts. This allows Ruby on…

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