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Impersonate an user in Rails

Food for Thought

I have been using Rick Olson’s restful_authentication plugin for quite some time now.

Recently I came across a requirement where the Site Admin was required to be able, to impersonate any user on the site.

Here’s how I achieved this:


When “Site Admin” logs-in on the site, I create two sessions namely:


If the Site Admin impersonates an user on the site,

replace the “session[:user_id]” with the id of the user we wish to impersonate.

So the Site Admin becomes the intended user.

Whenever Site Admin wants to stop impersonating,

replace “session[:user_id]” data with “session[:original_user_id]”

Site Admin regains original admin profile.


lib/authenticated_system.rb (Generated by restful_authentication plugin)

# Store the given user id in the session.
def current_user=(new_user)
session[:user_id] = new_user ? new_user.id : nil
@current_user = new_user || false

I overloaded this method in my Application Controller:

def current_user=(new_user)

if new_user &&…

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