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Refactoring with Rubocop

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I thought it was going to be a pun. Thanks for enlightening me to Rubocop!!

Project Ramon


Hello and happy Monday!

I first wanted to thank the various people who have showed support for my TDD series last week, I sincerely appreciate the re-tweets and favorites!

Over the weekend, while perusing the web I stumbled upon Rubocop. Running Rubocop looks a lot like running Rspec or Test::Unit in our terminal. Instead of running our specs though, Rubocop will generate ‘cops’ alerting us to various style-guide offenses, the gem even has an auto correct feature in experimentation at the moment. My thoughts in two words or less about Rubocop, pretty sweet! Lets take a look at how to use Rubocop as I attempt to refactor lunch_panoply and see if we can’t clean up some of the rough edges.

Rubocop Setup

The setup is extremely easy, all we do is type gem install rubocop from our command-line, or if you’re using Bundler you can add gem 'rubocop' to…

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