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Why is ruby on rails Ubuntu server setup so damned hard to do?

Well, I was messing with server setup for Ruby on Rails again.  I had created a script to walk thru the steps but it still seems to be a combination of try this, get an error, google the error, apply the fix, and try it again.  If it works go to next step, and if not; repeat over and over.

Now the best option for hosting Rails apps is Heroku but this is not always an option.  A lot of the other ‘paid’ Rails hosting options have ‘one-click’ server setup.  What I am talking about is setting up a brand new Ubuntu 12.* server for Ruby on Rails.

I will be updating my step-by-step server setup and posting that soon…

Today I want to talk about an awesome script that I found.  It is called Railsready by Josh Frye.  Out of the box it certainly kicks ass to use for setting up Rails ready server on ‘Nix or OSX.

Well, I wanted more, so I added more.  I have taken Josh’s fine script and added some options that I wanted.

I now have it setup to ask what version Ruby you want installed.  Right now that is a choice of 1.9.3 or 2.0.0.  I am planning on setting that up to prompt for which version but I worry that users will enter a non-existing patch.

I have also added Nginx server install plus your choice of Unicorn, Thin or Passenger.

Next up is I am going to add option to choose from Mongodb, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Take a look at it and see what you think…  https://github.com/brobertsaz/railsready

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