To Saas or not to Saas….

So I am torn with what to do with RailsCRM.  From the beginning it was always intended to be OSS and minimal.  Then I started to add on to it.  I feel that it should be something easy to use and require minimal setup and not have all of the bells and whistles as those could be added by the user.

I really do not know if anybody has used it for themselves as I have no idea whether anybody has cloned the repo and done anything with it.

So, I thought lately that I will set it up as a SaaS and still allow people to clone the basic and advanced crm repos.  But now I am thinking that I should do both.  Maybe make the new version that I have been working on the advanced version as well as setting it up to use as a SaaS.

I have no intention of making money off of this but I could see that if it were popular as a SaaS that I would incur the costs of running it.

I know that either way I have a lot of improvements to make and doing that is a little hard with so many other things occupying my time.

Does anybody think there would be a need for an easy to use CRM SaaS?

2 comments on “To Saas or not to Saas….

  1. SaaS is absolutely easier on the user, especially when considering CRM software. If you want to decrease friction on the end user, an online delivery model is definitely the way to go.

    I would suggest you do both, then try to track traffic and other data to find what makes the most sense.

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