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Respect with RSpec in Rails

Nice writeup Respect with RSpec in Rails

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RSpec was created by Steven Baker in 2005. Steven had heard about BDD from Aslak Hellesøy, who had been working on a project with Dan North when the idea first came to light. Steven was already interested in the idea when Dave Astels suggested that with languages like Smalltalk and Ruby, we could more freely explore new TDD frameworks that could encourage focus on behavior and then RSpec was born.

RSpec is a library that focus on testing the behavior of your everyday project, maybe some people not using rspec because the testing practice is the most difficult for a developer to learn, but honestly it can save your live. In the long term, you will not have to check your web page everytime you make a new feature, but you just have to check if your test failed.

The important thing is why we should create test for our…

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