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Plans for 2013

Well another year has gone by.  Time now for all of our plans that we sillily (I guess that is a rela word) call resolutions!!

Last year was big for me.  First I was made partner with RebelHold, and then created my own Rebel Outpost, LLC.  I had two successful interns which are still working with us.  I spent the majority of the year working on a behemoth project called Bulletin Builder for the Greek Orthodox church.  I finally passed the reins for Bulletin Builder off to Steve Young to see to completion.  I worked on another short project as well as some in house open source stuff.

RailsCRM is still in the works with a recent Alpha release.  I am trying to add some more functionality to it without bloating it.  We are using it full time now for internal leads and finding a few changes needed here and there.  I have even been thinking about forking it and going full blown with it to offer SaaS to compete with the likes of Salesforce.

I have additionally been working on perfecting a script to create the perfect Rails production server.  I started to use Vagrant for testing my server setup.  I wish the world survived just on Heroku but it unfortunately does not.  So for the rest I am trying to come up with a better way to do it.

OK, so 2013.  I have big plans for Rebel Outpost this year.  I hope to make it a breeding zone for Rails developers as plan on taking on more interns.  I also have been talking to a friend about some more serious Rails incubation.  I find myself with a bit more time at the beginning of the year and have focused on getting all caught up and ready for tax time.  Now, I should have the time to finally get going with my “Rails, now what?” screencasts that I have been talking about since last year.  I intend to be a bigger part in the local Rails community and hope to get others to join me.

I want to continue to work on free and open source applications and might even think about building some kind of money making application as well.

So that is it.  Open source, teaching interns, and making Rebel Outpost a kick ass place to work.

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