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Nice tute for those using Cucumber

Jun Rong's Blog

Every week, the SaaS course will teach a new topic. This week, the topic is about Behaviour Driven Design (BDD). The main idea about BDD is to write the desired behaviour in plain english text first, then Cucumber will help to turn this plain english text into executable ruby code with regular expression matching (we’ll need to write the matching in regexp). By using BDD with Cucumber, we are actually designing our application from outside-in.

Developing in this way enables a developer and a (non-technical) customer to discuss the desired behaviour in the beginning and can prevent the developer to code something that is unwanted. I will walkthrough how to use Cucumber in the following of this post. I will skip the steps for installation, since it can be found elsewhere, so that I can focus more on explanation.

Introduction to the feature to be added

Let’s say we already…

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