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Great post on refactoring. Thank you for this.

Sam Serpoosh Blog

Sometimes we think that our code is good enough and clean! It’s totally fine to continue developing instead of looking it from one step back and clean it up before we move one! After all it is called Red-Green-Refactor! It’s not Red-Green-[Move immediately after Green to the next Red]

Currently I’m working on rails application for maintaining banking transactions and generating some special reports for the data on a frequent basis and do a lot of stuff with that data, alerting, grouping, etc. which doesn’t matter for now!

I’m trying to a have good and SOLID design in my application and separate the logic from rails framework for having a better separation of concerns, fast-isolated stuff and some other reasons that I talked/tweeted about them many times!

One of the features for this application is doing several operations on transactions of the current month. So we need to get…

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