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Next up…Intern number 2

So I was in my usual hunting grounds (Ruby::AZ) for scouting for interns, when there sitting in the middle wide-eyed as can be, I saw my next victim.  We spoke for a bit and he said that he was just beginning to learn RoR.  He emailed me a more thorough profile of himself and we spent quite a bit of time chatting the next day.

So without further ado, please welcome Steve Tong to the Rebel Outpost community:

“Here is a little bit about myself to see if you are interesting in working (teaching) with me. I have business degree with a major in marketing. I have been doing marketing (mostly internet marketing) and advertising operations as a day job for about 5 years now. Side projects including email development, SEO work, and the occasional website build….

My development experience consists of a year of C# in college and about another year of dabbling around with it after. Although the only thing I really retained was logic. I have done work with HTML/CSS and have started really learning Ruby on Rails since this past May. I feel I have taught myself a lot but am definitely still a beginner and need to learn much more, and would greatly benefit having someone help me turn this into a career.”

After looking at some of the work that Steve Tong has done on his own, I am highly impressed with his Rails skills.  We are happy to bring him on with his SEO skills in addition to Marketing skills and expect Steve to be a great fit and a great coder.

We all know that he has some big shoes to fit after our last intern, but I think he can do it!!


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