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Really nice post on TDD

q u a l i t y

When one of our team is trying Test Driven Development, we were looking at ways to get us started. Because TDD is totally opposite to how we are used to doing things, when looking for some inspiration, my manager gave me this http://nsbrief.com/40-graham-lee

This interview with Graham Lee goes on for 1 hour 20mins, but it not just pure TDD, it has also about Objective C,etc. So , i thought why not extract TDD specific part plus some of my input, so not everyone has to sit and listen for so long.

TDD – There is no code to test, why are you writing the test in the first place?

it helps to make sure you understand the problem you are trying to solve

it is a useful design tool. Your unit test will be a blue print for the class you are going to write

You will start to feel…

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