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Rails CRM

An ongoing pet project of mine has been Rails CRM which is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) built on Rails and using Mongodb for the database.  This was also a practice project for my last intern Ricky.  This all came about when we were trying to find an open-sourced CRM for RebelHold to use.  There are a few out there but none using our preferred and probably the best database, Mongodb.  Many also had a lot of shall I say baggage.  I was looking for a more or less basic CRM to customize and finally came to the conclusion that I would need to make a new one.

Well recently I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the Rspec tests and the Twitter Bootstrap layout.  It is by no means ready for primetime but we are really close.  Most of the basic functionality is there but I am planning on adding some more bells and whistles.  After that, I am going to leave it alone and use a clone of it to further customize for our use.

You can find more information on the Rails CRM homepage or can find the project on Github.  Please feel free to email me ideas/suggestions/bitches and/or complaints.  I will update when the project is fully completed.

Update: You can now go to railscrm.com or to check out the demo, go to demo.railscrm.com.

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