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Twitter Bootstrap, Oh how I love thee

As a person that cannot even draw a worthwhile stickman, I have to say that I do not have a designer bone in my body.  Oh I can get around HTML/HAML and CSS/SASS but other than that I am pretty hopeless as a designer.

I started to use Twitter Bootstrap on a side project of mine and used it entirely for Rebel Outpost.  It seems that the argument is that using it will make all sites look alike and I see that to a point.  But let me tell you the use that I found for it; I am learning to design.

Using Twitter bootstrap has improved my HAML and SASS skills.  I used to give every element a different id or class and had mountains of CSS/SASS.  Now I do not do that any more.  I have learned to use grids as well.  I have started to make my own custom Twitter Bootstrap file which I can now use as a foundation to any new site.

So if you are like me, take a Twitter Bootstrap file, customize it and go with it as a foundation to use for your site.

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