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Rebel Outpost

Since we fired up the Rebel Outpost member of RebelHold, we have added a website for it.  In putting together the website, we had to think about what we want and who we are to put that up on our site.  It was interesting for us to sit back and discuss this.  I fell that we all have the same general idea in mind but there are parts where these ideas are different.

When we talked about what we want, it was quite apparent that the guys are mostly interested in mobile development.  I myself am totally fine with RoR web applications, but the others want to really get into mobile development.  A couple of the guys have already been involved in mobile development and spend the majority of their spare time working on mobile apps.  Even though we got our start as a RoR shop, I see the transition to adding mobile apps to our list of specialties.  We will always strive to learn new languages and to stay current with everything that we do.

The who we are part was pretty simple to define; a group of developers working as a collective as is the RebelHold way. We come from different backgrounds and make up a assortment of skills.  We work together on various projects as well as our own personal projects.  Most of what we do we leave as open source so that others may use it as well.  We feel that having a broad variety of talent gives us the edge in that we can provide many services to our clients.  We want to build the very best applications for you. 

Rebel Against the Norm

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