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Could Phoenix become a Technology mecca?

I don’t want to jump to extremes just yet, but the Phoenix area really seems to be bustling with technology these days.  There are more and more programmer groups, user groups, and all around technology meetup groups springing up all over the valley.  There are now 3 (that I know of) co-working locations in the Phoenix valley.  You have Cohoots, GangPlankASU Skysong, OSP Tempe and more on the way.

We have a very well established and active Ruby/Rails community (http://rubyaz.heroku.com/), an ever growing Geo/GIS community (http://phxgeo.org/), as well as Android, Win 7 etc.

This fall we are having our first WhereCamp in Phoenix, a Ruby conference called SunnyConf (http://sunnyconf.com/), and another DesertCodeCamp (http://nov2011.desertcodecamp.com/) on November 5th.  I even heard that Steve Jobs may be showing up!!

Not sure about a mecca but we are on our way……

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