Python or Ruby….

I see that a lot of my hits come from the question of Python vs. Ruby.  I think that the two are absolutely two different species.

If you are going to do anything in GIS or ArcView then Python is the way to go.  ESRi has embedded Python into its applications and I assume that Python will be there for a long time to come.

Primarily the two languages are very similar.  I think that the choice must be decided on what to use them for.  I feel that there are a lot of aspects of Python that are better than Ruby and vice-versa.

The line between the two becomes more distinct when you look at web applications and the programming community.  Here is where I start to piss people off……..

I (and again it is my blog and my opinion) feel that Ruby on Rails is EASIER to learn and use than Django.  For those that do not know, Django is written in Python such as Rails is written in Ruby.  You cannot compare Python and Django any more than you can compare monkeys and elephants.  They are two absolute different things.  You can however compare Rails and Django.

Now this is what I have discovered as far as the community goes between Django and Rails.  I have already posted that I (again my blog) feel that Python/Django users are a complete different species than Ruby/Rails users.  To me the Python/Django users are those that prefer to work alone and dislike the mob mentality as opposed to the Ruby/Rails users that are a very close knit family.  In my attempts to learn both Django and Rails, I have found a lot more support and people willing to help learn which leads me to yet another tirade of mine….

As there are so many places to learn and get help learning different languages (I have often blogged that if you have any questions, feel free to contact me) I am totally against ANYBODY charging to teach either of these languages.  Sure everybody deserves to make money but how many of those out there learned from somebody else and are now charging to teach others.  Maybe my attitude is skewed as programming in general is a hobby to me although I do get paid for it sometimes.

Take for an example one such person out there that spends who knows how much time creating Railscasts (http://railscasts.com/) also known on Twitter as @rbates the world famous Ryan Bates.  Now I am sure that somewhere he is making money to do what he does but I do not care if it is FREE for me!  Take for example my routing articles or posts; many people/companies charge for the information that I give away for free just like Ryan Bates.

Now for those of you that I have pissed off……..If you make money charging people to take your programming classes  I do not fault you.  I myself will NEVER pay to learn programming especially Ruby on Rails as there are way too many tutorials out there and too many people willing to help.

Keep open source open source and help others as others have helped you!

2 comments on “Python or Ruby….

  1. “I (and again it is my blog and my opinion) feel that Ruby on Rails is EASIER to learn and use than Django.” Fair enough, but it is unfair to boil down Python to Django when it comes to web apps. Please google around for *other* Python web frameworks and you should come up with way more than one web app framework ranging from all-in-one (e.g. Zope, Django) to “WSGI toolware” (check the new incarnation of Pylons, Pyramid; see TurboGears, etc.). Do the same for Ruby ;-). No offense to Ruby, really.

    • Yves, you are absolutely correct. In my tirade last night I neglected to mention that there are several other Python web frameworks. I unfortunately cannot speak for any of the other Python web frameworks as I have never used any of them. The same goes for Ruby as you also said, although I am limited to talking about Rails only.

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