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Gangplank – Co-working in Arizona

So today is the first time that I have ever been to Gangplank (http://gangplankhq.com/) in Chandler AZ during the day.  I was here once in the evening for the dinner that they hosted after Desert Code Camp (http://desertcodecamp.com/).  It is mid afternoon and there are several people hanging out here and working.  Many belong to the numerous Anchor Companies that have set up shop here but others are just hanging out and hacking.

I have been to a couple of other co-working places here in the Valley but Gangplank has them beat by far.  One of the other locations in town charges for hanging out for the day and another always seems dead.  Seeing as I follow Gangplank on Twitter I always see all of the events that they are putting on.  They have a regular “anybody is welcome” hacknight every week on every Wednesday of the month in addition to their Brownbag sessions as described on their website as “The best advice comes from those who have been there – that is the philosophy behind our weekly brownbag series. Each Wednesday at noon, Gangplank invites a leader in the local community to share the success they’ve enjoyed, and challenges they’ve faced in their careers.”

The room is hustling with activity even it is just 4 guys taking a break and playing video games!  They also had a chair massage person here for 3 hours today if a massage was all that was needed to relax and get more work done.

All of my work is done sitting alone at home and working.  Here if I have a question, I can ask an expert in one of many various fields.

truthfully the only downside that I see to Gangplank is that they are almost an hour away from me.  Hopefully they will open up their Avondale office on the west side and soon I can go there to work and learn.

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