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The “Wrong” of Route Optimization

Alright, I cannot help myself.  There has been so much news lately centered around the optimization of buses in Ottawa Canada (http://bit.ly/h0uyJw).  It appears that the City initially intended to cut out several routes in an attempt to as they say “optimize routes” in order to save an estimated $22 million next year.  The City held 3 meetings and allowed the public to attend in addition to receiving  6,500 complaints.

Now, this is an example of the “wrong” way to do route optimization.  Simply removing routes does do anything but create a mess for the people that rely on them.  Would the City be allowed to remove several of their trash routes if it were to save the City money?  It would definitely save them money, but what of the garbage on the side of the street?  Is that the right way to “optimize routes” for the bus lines?  Are there not going to be people stuck standing on the side of the street for a bus that is not going to come there any more?

There are too many people that throw the phrase “route optimization” around that do not have a clue and frankly piss me off!  I make my living saving cities millions of dollars by “optimizing” routes not just removing them.  Shame on you Ottawa for doing this to your people and for using the phrase “route optimization” incorrectly!

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