Python Geoprocessing

Alright everybody, I get a lot of searches everyday for Python geoprocessing related questions.  I would love to add more content about geoprocessing but not sure what it is that all of you would like to learn.  I was going to do a “Geoprocessing tip of the week” but I felt that it would be pretty much the same as looking at the ESRI help docs.

The simplest way is to email me via the about/contact page and I will attempt to answer what I can.  I am also looking at putting on a Python Geoprocessing class(s) here in Phoenix at the DesertPy.org group meetups.  Would there be any interest in a Python Geoprocessing class if I were to have one?  Maybe if there is enough interest we can do a webinar so that those outside of the Phoenix area could also participate.

As always, feel free to drop me a line…


3 comments on “Python Geoprocessing

  1. Hi , webminars would be great since im in Europe. It would be an advantage for all your readers form outside.
    Thanks for all the infos, it has been really great motivation building my path with python and programing around GIS and reading some of your motivation words for a starter in this world. Lucky you that have lots of folks around to help you when you get stuck…


    • Jorge,
      Based on your comment I am planning on creating some video tutorials like recorded webinars for Python Geoprocessing. Do you think that there is a desire for live webinars?


  2. Bob,
    Absolutely, not sure about the live ones because of time diference, but if you opt also for the keep the recorded webminars im sure you will have lot of attendance.
    Many thanks

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