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Whats going on…

Just an update to what is up lately.  I have been busy with work releasing our new web-based route optimization application so I have been lacking on new material on the blog.  I have also been messing with:

  • Django
  • RefineryCMS (a Ruby on Rails CMS)
  • RoR
  • a Python interface for our desktop application
  • DesertPy.org

I will add again that I am somewhat torn between RoR and Django.  The RefineryCMS is simply put…AWESOME!  I need to look at Django – CMS to compare just to be fair.

I was hoping to make it to Cartwheels Python courses but again it seems that money is the deterrent.

I also added a cool QR code to the bottom of the right hand section that has my contact info.  I keep seeing these codes for downloading apps to my Android phone and think they are pretty cool.

If you are here for route optimization, I have added my Solid Waste routing paper to the downloads section.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and stay tuned for new content.

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