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Python and then some….

Wow, I am just past 6 months of my blog being up.  I have has a lot more hits than I ever expected to.  I know that the blog started out “Everything Python” and then transitioned as I decided to add new topics.

Well, guess what, I think I am going to be adding more AGAIN.

My work has me dabbling in Ruby on Rails and from that I am looking at Django.  As time goes by I will list my likes and dislikes of both of these web frameworks but not in this article.  I will however at this point say that the Ruby and/or Rails community is a lot more “together” than anything that I can see to get going in Phoenix for Python.  That is disappointing to say the least.

I also recently got turned on the jQuery.  One word…AWESOME.  I will put my savings calculator (again a hobby turned to work use) in another post but needless to say is that I needed a savings calculator that would have required fields and with a little adaptation, jQuery was the answer.  More so than this is the fact that the calculator can be used on our RoR site as well as our Joomla based website.

So stay tuned for more categories and more topics and thanks for reading….

One comment on “Python and then some….

  1. Fyi, you probably know this, but there is a Google Technology User’s Group meeting tonight…


    “Introduction to jQuery Mobile”
    Wed, March 16, 2011

    jQuery Mobile is a UI library designed to abstract away the differences
    between various mobile devices and allow you to focus on your application.
    Hafthor Stefansson, developer consultant for Parsus Solutions, will show
    you the advantages of using jQuery Mobile and how to use it.

    Phoenix GTUG meets regularly on the Third Wednesday of every Month
    Time: 6:30 Food/networking
    7:00 Presentation
    8:15 Adjourn to local watering hole for discussion

    Location: 2400 North Central Avenue, Suite 104

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