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I started to learn Python programming last year to use in ArcGIS.  I read a couple of books about Python and jumped right in.  I had help in the beginning from an avid forum user.  Since then I have continuously ventured into new areas of using Python.

Recently the user forum at ESRI for Python Geoprocessing underwent some changes that makes it hard to sift through the posts there.

As I started to take Python outside of ArcGIS, I was immediately confronted with a lack of information on wxPython and using geoprocessing.  With a lot of help from friends I am well along in creating a GUI that uses wxPython as well as incorporating ArcGIS geoprocessing.

My goal for this site is to continuously add script examples and to create a meeting place for Python users.

I recently started to add articles about route optimization or Solid Waste routing.  I just wanted to explain the reason that I added this onto my otherwise all Python blog.

It is because of my job doing Route Optimization that I ever ventured into Python and the rest that followed.  Our primary software runs on top of ESRI’s ArcView.  From always using ArcView, I found a need (or more of a desire) to automate some of my daily functions.

As I have learned from programmers, it seems that the majority of the programmers that I know have the ideology that the least amount of work that they need to perform, the better.  This isn’t to say that they are lazy, this is to say that their goal is to automate as much as possible and work smarter not harder!

So Python was the natural way to go for me.

Although the company that I work for sells Route Optimization software, I felt the need to share my knowledge of “alternative” techniques to route optimization and/or improving efficiency in Solid Waste collection.  I plan on adding more posts regarding this in the future.

So even though Route Optimization itself has nothing to do with Python, it is what sent me down the Python Path.

4 comments on “Welcome to my blog…..

  1. Do you have a repository of links to tutorials/guides/books that have helped you the most in your learnings of Python/wxPython? As a Pynewb I would be very interested in them!

  2. Bob, I’m curious which “of the Heuristic rules have become outdated”? Thanks, interesting read.

    • Just with the improvements to Solid Waste collection vehicles, I do not think that starting at higher elevations is that important anymore. Glad that you enjoyed the article. Next week will be Part 4 “Right Turns”.

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