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Arizona Geo Group

EDIT:  Alright, we now have started a Geo group for Phoenix AZ.  It is a google group at http://www.phxgeo.org.  We are going to have monthly meetups every 2nd Wednesday of the month location TBD.  The group encompasses everything geo from GIS to programming.

OK, so I have looked all over for a Python user group in Arizona and I cannot find anything.  So many states have users groups but I cannot find anything.  As big of a city that Phoenix is, I find this unbelieveable.  Not only is there not a Python users group in Arizona but there is also no GIS user group.  What is up with this?  All of the other states have something going on but we do not in Arizona.  In the programming world I have found so many people willing to assist in helping and we are in one of the largest cities in the U.S.

If there is anybody that knows of a Python or GIS users group in Arizona, please let me know.  If there isn’t anything out there but somebody would like to start a user group for Python or GIS, please let me know. 


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