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Review of ArcView 10

Today I went to a seminar from ESRI for increasing productivity in ArcGIS 10.  I will say that I am very excited about the new functionality in AV 10.

Some of the bigger things that I noted:

  • ArcGIS Mobile is available with all AV10 licenses
    • Available for Apple IOS
    • Will be available for Android by year’s end
    • Allows users to input data in field
    • It is available for ArcView Desktop
    • ArcGIS Mobile
    • Basemaps
      • Available online with ESRI global account (free)
      • Shared data from all over the world
      • Imagery to 1 meter or better in U.S.
      • These are community base maps available
  • Can create basemaps  within AV10
    • Add layers by dragging them in and it creates like a cached layer
    • Refresh is almost instant for the basemap
    • Layer Package
      • They have a new layer package so that you can send layer(s) to others but in the package it maintains the theme definitions in addition to the symbolog
    • ArcGIS Explorer
      • Free for web use
    • Can create slideshows
  • Parcel Management Toolbar for editing parcel data
  • Data reviewer can be setup to check for user specified issues
  • Automated Map Books
    • Supported by ESRI now
    • Created by PyArc script
    • Creates book pages and cover/index pages
    • Geoprocessing runs in background so that user may continue to work while tool is running
  • ESRI is on Amazon EC2
    • Can easily create ArcGIS server on cloud
    • There is a search function to create a server for different preset configurations
    • License borrowing in AV10, can transfer temporarily to another user.

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